• 02/06/2014
  • Paris, France

Curious Matter swatch book - A tactile experience like no other

Curious Matter is an intriguing patented paper that provides a tactile experience like no other. Its startling texture and richly matt, ultrapigmented, homogenous surface are surprising and revolutionary and will spark everyone’s creativity.

The paper is a complementary part of the multi-sensory Curious Collection range. Unique, incomparable, intriguing, are just a few words to describe the feel of Curious Matter after the very first touch. At the second touch, its sand-like yet silky feel is sure to have one addicted. The next encounter with this original paper will evoke creative thoughts of how it can be transformed: it inspires to create.

Curious Matter will enhance even the most minimalist designs; its magical touch will definitely add extra value to any creation, setting them further apart from the rest. This new tool clearly shows off all the ranges’ surprising colours, textures and weights and also provides print proofs of different print techniques.

With its six colours, an on-trend palette, it will appeal to designers with clients in sectors where it is essential to stand out from the ordinary. With its 4 weights (125g, 135g, 270g and 380g), and a range of envelopes, Curious Matter is an ideal partner for high impact and consistent communications from events collaterals to luxury packaging through stationery and edition. The 380g board for example, is perfect for applications ranging from attention-grabbing invitations to statement-making clothing labels.

As demonstrated in the new swatchbook, Curious Matter is very versatile and fits with all different print techniques. It is even suitable for dry toner printing, compatible with Xerox iGen3.

Design by Stereochromie (France)
Print by Imprimerie du Marais (France)