• 07/05/2018
  • International

Keaykolour - A new spectrum of colours

Through 2018, we are delivering on our mission to set international standards for creative papers by extending our colour palette dramatically, refreshing several of our brands with the launch of new, timeless colours.

When creatives select paper, their first criterion is frequently colour. By broadening the spectrum of our product ranges, we intend to inspire creativity and make the unique physical qualities of our papers accessible on a much wider variety of projects.

Leading the way in the new colour offer is Keaykolour, our iconic range of uncoated papers and high-rigidity boards designed for premium print and packaging applications. The Keaykolour spectrum is being expanded from 20 colours to 48, to offer designers a vastly increased palette with which to work.

The new colours visually convey Keaykolour’s refined, natural texture with nine families of harmonized half-tones ranging from the stony and subtle to the rich and blooming. New dark colours include Sequoia, Port Wine and Carmine, and, at the more vibrant end, Indian Yellow, Pumpkin and Coral.

In a new departure for the industry, the bulk of the palette has been structured by colour and value into an easy-to-understand grid of nine families, simplifying the process of mixing and matching papers with each other, and with other collections.

The new Keaykolour range is produced with virgin pulp except 5 of the colours which are made from 100% Recycled Pulp: Camel, Chalk, Particles Snow, Particles Moonlight and Particles Sunshine. There is also a wide range of geometric and organic embossed patterns available.

Keaykolour’s new, sophisticated palette of colours, combined with its luxurious feel, comprehensive range of weights and global availability, make it the first choice for upscale print projects around the world.

The new Keaykolour spectrum is just the first stage of Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ mission for 2018, to become the papermaking source of international standards for colours.


Photography by North (UK)