• 15/06/2014
  • London, United Kingdom

Conqueror book by Arjowiggins Creative Papers – Trusted to tell your story

“Everyone has a story. It’s how you tell it that sets you apart. The paper you choose expresses your values and forms part of your identity. And that’s why, when the world’s leading brands need to tell their story, they trust Conqueror. It says who you are.”

Conqueror has been helping brands tell their stories for over 125 years. Originally created as the first premium machine-produced writing paper, it has developed over time to become the choice for high quality printed communications, and the trusted partner of brands that demand the best – from aspiring companies to the world’s leading organisations.

Now Conqueror is telling its own story in a 180 page hardback book. Beginning with Conqueror’s heritage and uncompromising standards of paper-making, the book tells the story of three high quality brands who have used Conqueror for their own brand identity.

The story unfolds through a chapter of highly crafted print finishing techniques, demonstrating the breadth of the range and its versatility for the full spectrum of print and finishing processes. Featuring 60 different papers the book provides an opportunity to explore the range: the whites and creams, textures and grammages which have made the collection the reference for designers, printers and end-users. It also features the original ‘Conqueror London’ watermark which has been recrafted and is once again available as a Limited Edition.

The book encapsulates the principles and qualities of a paper created for the highest quality print communications. It portrays a paper collection with a rich heritage and a tradition of innovation and through its design it projects

Design by Blast (UK)
Print by Gavin Martin Colournet (UK)