• 02/03/2015
  • International

The Paper Book by Arjowiggins - International standards for creative papers

Arjowiggins_ The_Paper_Book (1).jpg

Paper isn’t complicated. One beautiful book is all you need.

The Paper Book is the complete collection of creative papers, developed and manufactured by Arjowiggins. A single, comprehensive volume, containing every kind of paper for every communication requirement.

Arjowiggins_ The_Paper_Book (5).jpg

It’s the compendium of Arjowiggins Creative Papers ranges, weights, textures, colours and shades, with hundreds of full A4 pages labeled clearly and logically for easy use, and nothing to impede the selection of the most appropriate product.

Arjowiggins_ The_Paper_Book (4).jpg

Paper is allowed to speak for itself. With elegance and simplicity, The Paper Book offers a new benchmark for selecting paper. An all-in-one selector tool of globally available papers, for designers, printers and end-users around the world.

Design by North (UK)
Print by Lecturis (The Netherlands)