• 21/10/2015
  • Paris, France

FIAC Boomark 2015 - Akatre x Arjowiggins

The FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) is an annual event which is held over four days in October at the Grand Palais in Paris. Every year, we partners up with the FIAC and releases a bookmark made from our creative papers, to be included in the exhibition catalogue. This unique partnership is a chance for us to give carte blanche to a creative studio to produce the bookmark.

After collaborating with Paperlux (Germany) and The Bakery (Russia), we have decided this year to give this opportunity to the Parisian studio Akatre. Their creative approach includes both commissioned work and personal experimentation and is often considered to border on contemporary art.

Three bookmarks have come from this fruitful collaboration: three original creations, printed on three creative papers from the Curious Matter range.

On these bookmarks, Akatre showcases its typographical creation "La Tempête," by separating numbers and upper and lower case letters through three objects. The symbols overlap, intertwine and disappear, creating a sort of uniform yet colourful abstract pattern. The letters are sharpened and blown up in a perplexing way, between elegance and deliberate distortion.

The design of the characters is portrayed in 3D on the paper by combining the most advanced printing techniques, such as relief and microembossing, which allow the sculpting of each letter and give a rare finesse of detail. The process was materialised using Arjowiggins' Curious Matter range of papers, which were chosen by the studio for their rough texture and intense colour. The sheets were shaped and hot foiled to reflect the light, and were then duplexed to complete the finishing touches and create a real collector's item.

The printing work was just as much a part of the creative process. The project brought together three craftsmen from the French creative printing industry: h+m for creating the microembossing and relief tools, Kurz for the hot stam.ping foils and Ateliers André for the printing and finishing processes.

Design by Akatre (France)
Print by Ateliers André (France)
Hot stamping tools by h+m
Hot stamping tools by Kurz
Paper: Curious Matter 270g (Black Truffle, Adiron Blue, Ibizenca Sand)


1, 2, 3, 4 and more - Launch video by Akatre

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