• 14/04/2016
  • Asia

Arjowiggins Academy of Certified Printers

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When it comes to print design, printers are a key partner of the graphic community. Their know-how and craftsmanship are essential to how the design, paper and printing technique come together in a printed piece. While choosing a creative paper adds real aesthetic and tactile value to a piece, we know that it can also add some complexity.

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This is why we created a programme specifically designed to guide printers to better know and work with our papers: the Academy of Certified Printers. At Arjowiggins Creative Papers, we aspire for our papers to be printed with confidence and expertise while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, worldwide.

The principle of the Academy is simple: to certify – through the execution of a printed piece – printers who produce high value print jobs on our creative papers.

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In order to participate, the printer’s task is to reproduce a print job. The piece combines 4 different printed techniques - offset, screen printing, hot foil stamping and blind embossing - and should be reproduced on a selection of our papers representative of the colours, textures and finishes available within our range.

In addition to paper, each printer will receive a toolkit with the information and supplies necessary to produce their pieces. Each box will contain ready-to-print files as well as the embossing and hot foil stamping dies.

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A jury of paper, print and design experts will review their work and award certification to deserving printers. Printers who succeed will receive a diploma recognising their expertise when printing on Arjowiggins’ fine papers.

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Today, the Arjowiggins Academy of Certified Printers has been launched with 32 participants in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Each of these printers has accepted our invitation and received the toolkit to start their work.

The programme will henceforth be opened progressively to other printers throughout the world.

For the love of print!

For more information, please get in touch through academy@arjowiggins.com.

Design by Stereochromie
Hot stamping tools by h+m
Hot stamping foils by Kurz
Toolbox handcrafted by ECR1
Printing Consultant: Guy Delteil