• 06/01/2017
  • International

The new Digital range by Arjowiggins

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Arjowiggins Creative Papers has refined and extended its range of digital printing papers to offer graphic designers greater creative freedom with new sizes, colours, textures and finishes, and easy selection with a new reference book.

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Digital technologies are breathing new vitality into the medium of print. Designers and clients are increasingly taking advantage of techniques that make possible convenient, custom print runs with a much quicker turnaround than traditional offset printing. The rapid improvement in digital print technologies means that short print runs can be produced at short notice and to an exceptional standard.

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The new Arjowiggins Digital range complements these advances, with products adapted to harness the latest dry and liquid-toner digital printing technologies, and widen the creative options for designers.

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The range includes digital variants of our signature collections – Conqueror, Curious Collection, Keaykolour, Pop’Set, Rives and Creative Packaging – and of special papers such as Curious Matter and Metallics. There are new weights, colours, textures and finishes, as well as an extended range of sizes to take advantage of new large-format digital presses used for packaging and creative applications.

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A new treatment for the liquid toner range – i-Tone® – has also been introduced to offer outstanding print quality, immediate drying and more intense colour on liquid toner (HP Indigo) presses.

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The entire Digital collection is showcased in a single, easy-to-use reference book.Opened from one side (silver), the book presents papers for dry toner digital printing; opened from the flip side (gold), it displays papers for liquid toner printing. A selection of papers in both sections are printed with a series of digital techniques – four-colour printing, Pantone colours, fluorescent and metallic ink – to demonstrate the versatility and quality of the paper.

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Available worldwide, the new Arjowiggins Digital range represents the definitive collection of high-quality digital papers available to the design community, and delivers on our promise of being the international standard for creative papers.

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Designed by Stereochromie (France) 
Produced by AB Druka (Belgium/Latvia)