• 25/09/2018
  • International

The Paper Book 2018-2021 - International standards for creative papers

The Paper Book 2018–2021 is the second edition of the complete collection of creative papers developed and manufactured by Arjowiggins. This all-in-one selector tool, first produced in 2015, set a new international standard in the selection and specification of creative papers, and the new, updated and expanded edition pushes the bar still higher.

The Paper Book comprises two complementary parts – the waterfall and the book itself – and includes all of Arjowiggins’ latest products. Alongside it for the first time is a DL-sized version, offering the same instant access to the entire Arjowiggins collection but in a more portable, compact form, for designers, printers and end-users on the move. Both editions display every range, weight, texture, colour and shade, with hundreds of pages labelled clearly and logically for easy reference.

New to The Paper Book are a series of additions to the range made in 2018, including a new palette of cool, modern greys in Conqueror, an updated set of Curious Metallics, an extended spectrum of colours in the Keaykolour range, as well as the brand new Curious Alchemy – an innovation in paper science that brings the warm, weathered metal surfaces of contemporary architecture and interior design into the realm of packaging and print design.

Searching for a local distributor and ordering samples has been made effortless. Both The Paper Book and The DL Paper Book are completely connected and interactive, thanks to the Arjowiggins’ award-winning PowerCoat Alive NFC technology. Place an NFC-enabled device such as a smartphone on the waterfall of The Paper Book or the cover of the DL Paper Book and the user can access extra digital content and services – easy searching for products and local distributors, sample ordering and the latest technical information, printing tips and advice on alternative and matching papers.

It’s a graphic demonstration of the potential of PowerCoat Alive in bridging the gap between the print and digital worlds in a seamless, functional and creative way. NFC-activated PowerCoat paper can be simply sandwiched between sheets of creative papers and then printed, finished and handled, just like any other paper. This way, magazine advertisements, packaging, retail labels, book covers, cosmetics and other high-value printed materials can be programmed to deliver additional content digitally.

Paper isn’t complicated: one beautiful book is all you need. Three years after the original Paper Book, the new, expanded, connected edition promises further advances in how fine print and packaging is delivered around the world. Its launch sees Arjowiggins Creative Papers reinforce its position as the international standard for creative papers.

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