Rives, a world of textures and finishes


Taking its name from the historic town in south-east France where the first sheet was crafted, Rives is the epitome of French elegance and savoir-faire. The range has built a reputation for its subtle textures inspired by iconic fashions and exquisite fabrics.

Our new printed tool brings together a set of 10 cards showcasing the striking results of an array of print processes on the full range of Rives textures. Two fold-out posters are also included and feature high-resolution photography on Rives Sensation’s gloss and ultra matt finishes.

Rives tool

A5 size (150x212x15mm)


Folder containing:

• 10 A5 cards printed on Rives textures

• 2 A2 posters printed on Rives Sensation

• Range information

30.00 € inc VAT

The colour of the box is picked randomly

Keaykolour tool

A6 size (106x150x28mm)


Die-cut box containing:

• 48 sample sheets, of which 10 are printed
• 13 embossing patterns
• Range information

30.00 € inc VAT

The colour of the box is picked randomly

Curious Metallics tool

A6 size (106x150x15mm)


Die-cut box containing:

• 32 sample sheets, of which 10 are printed
• Range information

30.00 € inc VAT

The colour of the box is picked randomly

Box set

Keaykolour x Metallics

A6 size


Box set containing a Keaykolour tool and a Curious Metallics tool

45.00 € inc VAT

The colour of the box is picked randomly

The Paper Book 2018-2021

The Paper Book 2018-2021 is the second edition of the complete collection of creative papers developed and manufactured by Arjowiggins.

This updated and interactive edition includes 60 new colours across multiple ranges, our brand new Curious Alchemy range and incorporates our award-winning Powercoat Alive intelligent paper technology.


The Paper Book

for office use

329 pages

Powercoat Alive
intelligent paper technology

150.00 90.00 € inc VAT

Conqueror book "Made in Scotland"

This limited-edition Conqueror book celebrates the natural and spectacular beauty of the Scottish highlands and the world of our Stoneywood paper mill.

Printed on French-folded pages, images run over the edge of the pages, inviting the peruser to play with the fold of the paper in order to view continuous images, hence creating a physical connection with the material.

Celebrating colour with the new Keaykolour & Curious Metallics tools

The new tools highlight the complementary colour palette of our iconic Keaykolour and Curious Metallics ranges.

The 48 colours of Keaykolour coupled with the 30 colours of Curious Metallics create a harmonious palette that reveals the power of creative combinations between the refined, natural texture of Keaykolour and the ever-so-subtle shimmer of Curious Metallics.

Each box comprises loose sample cards showcasing the range in its entirety, among which ten cards are printed with various techniques. Although each tool can be used on its own, they have been crafted to work harmoniously together, inviting for playful and unexpected colour combinations.

Conqueror book

200 pages


4-colour litho printed on five different 100g papers mixing finishes and tones of whites and creams from the Conqueror range

40.00 € inc VAT